Book Review Format

Book Review Format

Acc.No.                                                                                            Date.

  1. Author of the Book :
  2. Title of the Book :
  3. Name of the Publisher :
  4. Place of Publication :
  5. Year of Publication :

Summary of the Book (in 2 pages)


  1. Did you like the book? (Yes/No) Why?
  2. Which characters you liked most? Why?

Theme/ Idea /Moral of the book/story



8 responses to “Book Review Format

  1. Yukti Jain

    This Site is very useful for students

  2. deepika


  3. anjali solunke

    this site is very gooood 🙂

  4. Shubham Kumar

    Very good conclusion of format of making book review!!!

  5. shahana khan

    This site is very good and very helpfull for student

  6. kamala pati tiwari

    really very useful for student

  7. Mayank Sinha

    Very useful ,,,,,, but students have to understand it if they want to gain some new things

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