Book Review

Book Review 1.


Acc. No.11812              


1. Author of the book –Mark Wallace and Philippa Wingate

2. Title of the book – ‘An introduction to Email’

3. Name of publisher –Navneetpublication (India) limited

4. Place of publication -Mumbai

5. Year of publication-2001


Summary of the book – This book is good for beginner specially those who want to know about the email. This book content history of email, How it work, setting up computer, how to create email address, typing a message, receiving and sending a message, attaching files to emails, mailing list, and so many things that can go wrong.


Qu. 1 Did you like the book Y/No

Yes, I like this book because it solved my queries regarding email.

Qu. 2 Which characters you liked most?

There was no character, it was informative book.


Conclusion– At last I greet to publisher who published such book which solve the problem of the beginners. Really a book plays the role of your best friend.



Book Review 2


Acc. No.9161

1. Author of the book – SimrenKaur

2. Title of the book – LadakhMountains of adventure

3. Name of publisher – Children’s Book Trust,

4. Place of publication -New Delhi

5. Year of publication-2006


Summary of the book – This is a travelogue which consist adventurous life of ladakh, knowledge about panoramic glaciers, buzzing bazaar, ancient leh palace, history, heroic demons gods, paintings and arts, religious features of ladakh custom, frescos of alchi, A story about kaajiman’s paradise, Monastery, Passes, lakes like pangong, enchanting pangongTso, eating habits- gurgur  cha, A date with yaks, fisticuffs at Sumdo, suspense at Tsokar, Nubra’s spine –chilling gateway, Twin humped model, karakoram and at last leh.

Qu. 1 Did you like the book Y/N


Yes, I like the book because it was not a simple travelogue but an experience of adventures of ladakhi life, somewhere author  introduce the fact of life and somewhere she make the experience to us through her written work. definitely a true reader will enjoy the book which give an experience of hard and harsh life of ladakh.


Qu. 2 Which characters you liked most?

There were many characters she wrote about but I like the most Kaajiman. everyone will enjoy his cheerful attitude towards guest as expressed by the author.


Conclusion– This a nice book not only for entertainment or for time pass, this is valuable for everyone who is curious about the place and for those who want to write travelogue. The way she expressed and wrote about her travel with her husband Baljit sing who photographed well about ladakh terrain and the life in a soundless way




Yogesh Akodia

TGT So. Science



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