Festivals of India


      • The first day of January 2012 itself is a huge celebration,
      • with the first ray of the Sun welcoming the
      • New Year 2012!
      • This month marks the beginning of a new period in our lives,
      • a new hope and renewed energy in life.
      • The New Year’s Eve is celebrated across the World and right at midnight, the New Year is welcomed with Fireworks!
      • Particularly chilly in most parts of India
      • ,          January is also host to a number of Festivals celebrated across the length and breadth of India.
      •     The month starts with the New Year’s Day celebrated across India
      •          with great fervor. The birth of Guru Gobind Singh is also
      •          celebrated on January 5 every year. The highlight of January is  Makar Sankranti – celebrated in different fashions all over
      •          India on      January 14. In Gujarat and Rajasthan, it is Kite Flying Day on Makar Sankranti! Families on roof top, loud music,
      • hot snacks, flying kites – a truly mouth watering experience
      • ! The International Kite Festival is also held on this day.
      • The two other important highlights of January are the
      • Republic Day – January 26 – the day when India adopted i
      •         ts Constitution and the much awaited festival of Lohri which falls on
      • January 13, 2012. Martyrs’ Day marks the death
      • anniversary of the Father of Nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who
      • was assassinated on Jan 30, 1948, by



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