Quiz Mania…..!

  • Some links for free online quizes.

1) http://www.myquizzes.ca/viewquiz.asp?quiz_id=7844&quizname=CHECK YOUR KNOWLEDGE !!

2) http://www.kidzworld.com/quiz/4525-quiz-know-how-it-works/question/2242

3) http://www.myquizzes.ca/viewquiz.asp?quiz_id=8188&quizname=Solveing Equations

4) http://www.myquizzes.ca/viewquiz.asp?quiz_id=10603&quizname=Cricket Quizzzz

5) http://www.myquizzes.ca/viewquiz.asp?quiz_id=8463&quizname=Atomic Structure

6) http://www.myquizzes.ca/viewquiz.asp?quiz_id=1390&quizname=Authors and their Books


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